Erik J Bekkers

Assistant professor at University of Amsterdam


Update 16-07-2019: I am very honored and proud to be awarded a Veni grant! The Veni is a personal grant funded by NWO. With it I will be developing context-aware artificial intelligence for the purpose of improving and enabling new techniques for the analysis of medical image data.

Update 04-07-2019: Per 1 December I will start as assistant professor in geometric machine learning at the University of Amsterdam in the Amsterdam Machine Learning Lab (AMLab) directed by prof. Max Welling. Looking forward to it!

I currently am a Postdoc researcher in the field of mathematical and medical image analysis & machine learning, with experience in industry and academia, and with a strong drive to solve fundamental problems in machine learning, computer vision, and medical image analysis.

In the past and present I have been able to pursue my ambitions with a fortunate position between the academic fields of mathematics & engineering on the one hand (current postdoc and previous PhD candidate position at Eindhoven University of Technology), and industry & the medical clinic on the other hand (past position as research engineer at i-Optics B.V. and via collaborations with industrial & clinical partners).

My current main research line is focused on machine learning using Lie group theory. See for example my latest arXiv preprint on Lie group CNNs, MICCAI 2018 conference paper (accepted for oral, top 4% of all submissions, Young Researcher Award) on G-CNNs in medical image analysis and ieee tPAMI paper on template matching via densities on SE(2).

My CV is available here. An overview of publications is available on my google scholar page, here, and below.

Contact Erik J Bekkers
Amsterdam Machine Learning Lab (AMLab)
Informatics Institute, University of Amsterdam
Office: Science Park 904, C3.251
Email: My email address: user@domain, with user=j.m.mooij and


Below you find a pdf with an overview of my publications with links to the online documents. If you cannot access the document but you would like to, please email me and I will send a copy. See also my google scholar page.